remier Hair Restoration provides a specialised Trichological treatment to women and men that want to improve the condition of their hair and scalp due to hair loss and thinning, hair breakage, scaling and scalp disorders and offers hair regrowth, hair nourishment and hair conditioning.

This is the most comprehensive treatment methodology that suits all hair types and conditions including:

  • female pattern hair loss;
  • male pattern hair loss;
  • telogen effluvium;
  • anagen effluvium;
  • alopecia areata;
  • diffuse alopecia;
  • stress related hair loss/ thinning etc.

Initially, our trichology specialist studies your hair condition and offers you the treatment in different combinations. These are customised to each client.  Every treatment is unique in its own way and renders great benefits to the patient’s hair: the treatment nourishes, conditions, promotes hair growth and aims to provide a healthy hair and scalp. Each treatment is given for a stipulated time frame considering your hair type, texture and amount of hair loss. Also, your hair type and the condition of your hair determine the treatment sequence.

The scalp masks that we use are microcirculation stimulating creams, applied directly to the scalp, formulated to gently stimulate the scalp, improve hair nourishment and/or control scalp flaking. The hair straighteners and hair follicle regeneration lotions are then used to help damaged and thinning hair to be rejuvenated and strengthened.

These are formulated by Trichology scientists and contain well proven proprietary ingredients that work against hair thinning and hair loss.

After the scalp mask and the hair strengtheners are applied on a patient’s hair and scalp, we use vapour hair steamer. It provides heat and moisture for both faster activity and deeper penetration of the scalp masks and hair straighteners. It also restores the hair to its original degree of humidity, moisture and elasticity. Mild heat also has a sedative effect on sensory nerve endings, thus help a client during treatment.

The massage techniques used during the treatment are performed by our professional Trichologists. Scalp massage improves blood circulation, scalp mask penetration and also helps muscle relaxation. Our specialists performed these massage methods during their clinical training in New York, so that PHRC clients are benefiting from the best.

Depending on your hair and scalp condition, the Trichologist might add other Trichological elements to your treatment. It can be Laser Therapy to promote healthy hair growth, improve blood circulation, increase length of growing phase of hair cycle, increase energy output of cell and increase hair diameter.