I started losing my hair in my mid twenty’s and it was affecting my confidence and even more so after I saw myself on TV, so after much research and many different options I decided to get in touch with Ioan from Premier Hair Restoration Clinic and we arranged a consultation. The moment I walked through the doors I knew it was the place for me, with the warm and professional greeting from Andreea to meeting with Ioan the years of experience shone through along with the empathy for understanding in a relaxed atmosphere of going through the different options available to me. The skills of Rachel and keeping me up to date with the current trends and styles I feel Like a different man with my confidence back in full swing and none of this would have been possible if I had not made that call and getting in touch with this wonderful team, I could not recommend Premier Hair Restoration Clinic any more highly, this is where superheroes are made within and a new you is born

- David Browne

In dealing with Premier Hair Restoration, I've found the service to be second to none. I'm delighted to refer my patients and clients to you Ioan and Andreea, thank you for taking such good care of them - I'm getting great feedback daily. Well done to you all there.

- Lorraine Lambert

Thanks very much to all of you at Premier Hair Restoration for treating me so well throughout the procedures I had in your clinic. I am extremely pleased with my hair growth! Thanks again and see you all soon at my future assessments!

- Silviu Tanase

Thanks Premier Hair Restoration for all the advice and help so far. I am delighted that first of all your products have helped me to get rid of the chronic dandruff I used to suffer and secondly the customised hair thickening program I am undergoing at the moment. I am already seeing very good improvement. Their step by step individualistic approach is something that I am extremely happy with. Thanks to Ioan who has guided me throughout this process! And thanks to all Premier Hair staff! 1

- mh neloy

I have no hesitation in recommending this company for anyone considering hair loss treatment. I was made to feel totally at ease from start to finish and my procedure went very well. I'm delighted with the results.

- Adrian Conway

In the last few months i went to different clinics to get opinions on the condition of my hair. One of them which i attented recently is Premier hair restoration clinic located in Rathmines, Dublin. I was pleasantly surprised that their hair specialist Ioan, after an in depth examination told me there is no point for me to spend money on a treatment just yet. I was advised that considering all the information discussed in the consultation is better for me to come back in 3 months time so that we can do a comparison and determine my suitability for a treatment. I am very happy that i came across this clinic as the rest of them were pushing me to pay money straight away and the consultations were nowhere near as professional as the one trichologist Ioan did for me. Thanks and see you soon!

- Ted Griffiths

My experience with Premier Hair Restoration clinic has been above my expectations. My initial consultation was with their expert trichologist Ioan who has made sure i fully understand what is happening with my hair. After an in depth hair check examination Ioan recommended me a treatment that was non invasive and with results coming gradually. There are different treatments and procedures for each hair loss condition so i can happily say the treatment i received gave me some very good results. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Premier hair restoration if they experience hair loss. Thanks again!

- Paul Long

I was worried about my hair loss for a number of years, I'm so glad I came across Premier Hair Restoration, the experience was better than any I've ever come across, the privacy was exactly what I needed as I'm a very shy person, from the minute I walked into the building I felt at ease and comfortable, the professionalism of all the staff at Premier Hair Restoration is at a level which all companies should aspire to, the treatment itself has proven better than I ever thought and my confidence is growing by the day and I'd highly recommend Premier hair Restoration to anybody.

- Kieran Wynne

Amazing professionals with know-how. They are always available to help.

- Andréia Piloto

I am very happy to recommend Premier hair restoration clinic to anyone that has hair loss problems. The treatments i got in the clinic improved my hair significantly and i am extremely pleased with the results. They indeed offer a tailor made solution for each person. Thank you all at Premier hair restoration!

- James Platt