Miami Conference

Premier Hair Restoration attended 9th World Hair Research Congress in Miami, Florida, in November 2015.

This was a continuation of the tradition set by international Hair Research Societies where advancements in the knowledge of hair growth, hair and scalp conditions and clinical patient care are being presented.

The international gathering brought together hair transplant surgeons, Trichologists, cosmetic scientists, dermatologists, hair biologists.

Many new directions for advancement of knowledge in understanding hair loss and hair thinning were presented, with the highlight revolving around the concept of using Stem Cell bioengineering for use in Hair Transplantation.

A successful clinical trial was presented by a Japan based team of scientists, where they have shown a successful stem cell transplant done on a mouse.

There are few obstacles in implementing this technique on humans and it will need a lot of approvals from health organizations, but plans to start trialling this cutting-edge hair transplant technique on people is actually scheduled for summer of 2019. How exciting!
Will this be the ultimate cure for baldness? Time will tell!

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